CrediVia CEO Anuj Mittal On Hotel Lending In The Current Cycle

Lodging Magazine

As the hotel industry faces the possibility of a slowdown in the near future, lenders are shifting what they’re looking for in applicants for new construction projects. LODGING caught up with Anuj Mittal, CEO of CrediVia, a platform to simplify the commercial loan process for borrowers, to discuss the trends shaping hotel lending today, what lenders are looking for from applicants, and strategies hoteliers are using to position their assets for a possible downturn.

What’s the biggest trend shaping hotel lending today?

We’ve had a very good run—perhaps one of the longest, continuous, successful, positive momentums since the 2009-2010 timeframe. A lot of good supply has come and has been managed very well—the current supply and demand are in check.

The question, of course, that’s looming in everybody’s head is, ‘If a recession comes, what will it look like this time?’

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